Illustrations & Guides


These are hobby-related guides designed in a similar fashion to a zine. PDFs can be downloaded to view or print out!

Illustrated guide on identifying some of the most common insects found in Corpus Christi, Texas

Media: Hand drawn with pen, digitized, and colored digitally. 


View or download pdf here:



Brief guide on starting an insect collection, including materials, methods to collecting insects, and how to store them.  Includes a few pre-designed blank pages for you to draw and write in your own observations. 

Media: Hand drawn in pen and digitized.



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These are biological/scientific illustrations that may not all pertain to bugs, but still showcase a scientific focus. Click on thumbnail to view fullsized image. 

Watercolor image of yellow labrador with brown and black labrador parents

“Recessive epistasis” – March 2019
Recessive epistasis is the genetic principle behind the phenomenon of getting a yellow labrador retriever from two dark lab parents.

Inspired by Charley Harper

Media: Watercolor




May 2019
Monarch caterpillar

Media: Watercolor 



December 2018
General anatomy, or “bauplan” of a scorpion

Media: Digitized ink drawing 




June 2019
Insects and arthropod native to Corpus Christi Texas for local mural competition. 

Media: Acrylic on mixed media paper. Background removed digitally